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Making impact in public real estate together 
Together, we build the best and coolest real estate consulting firm of The Netherlands. We want to professionalise the real estate sector with innovative solutions.  

We believe we can become game changers in the sector by using available data sources. We create the best conditions so that everyone can excel in their specific field. We believe if everybody does what they’re good at, we achieve the best results. That starts by working hard and, above all, having al lot of fun. 

Game changers in the sector 
A new era within the real estate industry has occured. By using data we become game changers in the sector. Data is fundamental for every real estate-related decision. That’s why Republiq consists of 50% real estate advisors and 50% data scientists. This combitation makes us unique from others: figures only come to life if you know what world lies behind them.  

Choose your own focus
At Republiq we believe in mastery. We set the bar high for ourselves, our customers and the industry. And that starts with yourself. Choose what you are good at and become the very best at it. Taste all the possibilities within Republiq, but choose your own focus. 

We do not have teams or departments in which you will work. You’re going to do what you like. We are confident it will be a success. 

Great Place to Work.  
We have been a Great Place to Work for 6 years in a row. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 even the second best company in the Netherlands. Do you want to know more about us? Visit to get to know us even better.