**Exclusively for Dutch speaking students**

Bluefield – Implementing the next level
We are a hands-on consultancy company that supports ambitious organizations in becoming more efficient, more agile, and more successful. We optimize the internal organization, information provision, and streamline internal processes, with our expertise in the fields of Finance, Business Intelligence, ERP systems, Management Information, and RPA. A large part of the work we do, we do for Private Equity firms in the Netherlands.
What sets us apart from other consultancy firms, is the fact that we do not merely offer our clients advice: we also implement. Once we have given our advice, we love to help the company in question with the transformation that flows out of the advice. When we leave, we are sure a positive change and impact has been made.

And what about our people or culture?
Bluefield has around 100 employees at the moment, but we are expanding rapidly. This means Bluefield offers a very fast paced and dynamic environment. One of the most import aspects within Bluefield is that we fully support our colleagues growth. As a person, you will be able to learn a lot and become a professional quickly.
Furthermore, we have a very informal culture in which teamwork and fun are very important. In addition, we are not a highly hierarchal company. Everybody is treated as an equal and the doors are always open for a chat, pitching new ideas, or advice on how to develop your own knowledge.
How would we describe our Bluefielders? Hands-on, Straight Forward, Keep it Simple & Approachable!

What to expect when you are interested in joining us after your studies? At Bluefield we offer the position of Young Professional.
In this position, you will very quickly become a professional in the different areas of expertise you can find at Bluefield. How? By learning on the job. We strongly believe that this is the fasted way to grow and learn.
As a Young Professional you will get the chance to do multiple different assignments for varying clients. We do not have designated tasks in our positions, which means that at the start of the assignment, you can choose the tasks that fit your knowledge and interest. As a result, after doing multiple assignments, you will have discovered what skills and interest suit you best.
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