&samhoud consultancy is a world-class, vision-driven, usual unusual consultancy firm that creates sustainable and measurable value for employees, customers, shareholders and society.

From our offices in Utrecht, Kuala Lumpur and Zürich, we work for major customers based all over the world and active in various sectors, such as Montblanc, Hong Leong Bank, Achmea, Nestlé, TNT Express, Aegon, Rabobank, Axiata, Icare, Swisscom and Microsoft. We assist them in the creation of measurable and sustainable value. &samhoud works in a usual unusual manner, ranging from formulating a vision and strategy to making it happen and improving it. And from leadership development to branding and innovation.

realising breakthroughs

&samhoud’s deeper reason for its existence is our higher goal: “Together we build a brighter future. We achieve breakthroughs by inspiring and connecting people.” In other words, we realise breakthroughs within organisations.

adding value through the value profit chain

Our definition of a breakthrough is creating sustainable and measurable value for all stakeholders: systematically higher employee engagement, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, a more profound contribution to society and increased turnover and profits. A breakthrough heralds the beginning of a cycle of success. The philosophy of &samhoud is based on the Value Profit Chain, which was developed at Harvard Business School and focuses on value creation.


&samhoud realises these breakthroughs by assisting organisations in an integrated way with:

Organisational and behavioural change
Vision and strategy development
Vision and strategy execution
Leadership, team and personal development
Marketing and branding
Innovation and new business models
Business and IT connection
Games and Digital media