Frequently Asked Question about the Consultancy Days Tilburg

How much does it cost to participate at the Consultancy Days Tilburg and how can I pay?
Asset members are required to pay an amount of €3,-, whereas non-asset members are required to pay a fee of €5,-. This is a single contribution, so if participants are attending more than one day, this fee remains unchanged.

Am I able to participate at the Consultancy Days Tilburg while I’m not a student at the Tilburg University?
The Consultancy Days Tilburg is an event made for participating companies and students of Tilburg University to meet each other. Therefore, students who do not study at the Tilburg University are not able to participate.

I want to register for a case, is it necessary to visit the company presentation of the same company?
We believe that it is important to get to know the company a little bit better before participating in a case round, that’s why it is obligated to visit the company presentation before.

I just registered for the Consultancy Days Tilburg, but what should I wear during the days?
During the Consultancy Days Tilburg the dress code is business formal. However, for the company presentations business casual will be sufficient.

Where can I find my day schedule for the Consultancy Days Tilburg after registration?
After the companies selected students for their CV-selection activities a specific program will be made for every participating student. The personal schedule for each participant will be mailed within one week before the event.