De Kleine Consultant is the first student-run non-profit strategy consultant in the Netherlands. With the higher goal: we empower Kleine Consultants and our customers! We offer strategic advice where it adds the most value. This is mainly for start-ups, non-profit organizations and social SMEs.

In the past ten years we have already carried out more than 300 strategic projects, we have raised over 800 Small Consultants and we are located in eight Dutch cities and in London. Our success? Our win-win-win formula: We focus on personal developments. We help our customers. We learn from our partners for whom we are a valuable talent pool.

We believe that young, enthusiastic academic talents are ready to develop themselves and are looking for practical experience. At De Kleine Consultant we give them the opportunity to use their qualities for a real company with which they can gain experience as a strategy consultant. The focus is on personal development and building a professional and personal network. For example, we have an extensive internal training program, you receive training from our partners and each project is coached by a consultant from one of our coaching partners.

Small and medium-sized businesses, charities and start-ups regularly have complex strategic challenges and the ambition to grow and improve themselves. We are convinced that a fresh, critical view from a group of ambitious students can be incredibly valuable in such an issue. That is why, for 10 years, we have worked in a multidisciplinary team for our clients – profit or non-profit, start-up or with a long history – to help them as far as possible with their problem. In short, we make our customers great!