In this training, you will learn about the general way in which consulting engagements are structured. How can we create a closed feedback loop out of an abstract client problem? How are general consulting frameworks modified to meet the needs of clients? The leadership team and former consultants of 180 Degrees Consulting Tilburg will answer these and many more questions about client engagements.


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About 180 Degrees Consulting:
180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest student-led consultancy, with operations in 36 countries and more than 10,000 consultants worldwide. What makes us different, is that we focus solely on helping socially-conscious and non-profit organizations by developing innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for their obstacles. We aim to improve education, reduce homelessness, and alleviate poverty by helping non-profits and social enterprises to receive the support and expertise they need to improve and expand their services. To date, we have provided over 4.2 million hours of volunteer consulting services. At the same time, we develop the next generation of social impact leaders and social entrepreneurs.